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    My name is Jax McKinnis and I am a self taught artist. As long as I can remember art has been my passion!  I have taken several classes and have quite a substantial collection of art books. 

The word "art" has various meanings of creative activity, such as writing, painting, music, and dance, which all take practice. Painting with watercolor and water-based oils are my favorites. I recently began creating jewelry over the summer. Being a certified aromatherapist and reflexologist, I wanted to incorporate essential oils and gemstones into my jewelry for their healing properties. 

     I would like to use my artistic abilities to inspire others to let go of their fears and just create without any expectation. I believe creativity is inside all of us and with a bit of guidance one can unleash their own creative power...henceforth, InspireArt .

     For several years I have been able to share my love of with art by teaching classes in a recreation group that I run in my community. That has led me to working with other groups and individuals in the community. This has been both rewarding and challenging. It has definitely worth the experience!


Art Classes

     These beautiful watercolors were created by 'Emerging Artists' in a watercolor workshop. They learned to use a few simple brushstroke techniques similar to the ancient Chinese Sumi painting. 

    Click the Art Classes link in the menu to learn about different class offerings, and to sign up for a class. 


Elegant Photo Cards

     I am currently working with Bridges Associates, turning their art work into photo cards for a fundraising project. Your donation will help support their social enrichment program called Bridging Out. 

    Click the Donate button in the menu to make a donation and receive some of these fantastic cards as a thank you.

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